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With so many different sports to choose from, why play pickleball?

A pickleball game is fast-paced, action-packed and easy-to-learn but challenging to master. It is an amazingly fun game that people who have other racquet sport experience pick up quickly. But one of the best things about pickleball is that, unlike tennis, even if you’ve never played a racquet sport in your life you can be playing and having a blast within the first hour.

Here are the top 5 reasons a game of pickleball is SO much fun compared to other racquet sports:

5: You don’t have to go so far to chase a ball.

(Usually, unless you are playing on a tennis court instead of a badminton or dedicated pickleball court).

4: The rallies last longer.

You often have more hits in a pickleball rally than in tennis, table tennis or badminton and, at least compared to tennis, you have many more hits on average in a five-second period.

3: The ball is slower – sort of.

Because of the holes in the ball, you can smack it really hard, but it isn’t going to fly nearly as far as a tennis ball.  This effect leads for a lot of zippety-zap, super-fast, back-and-forth volleys at the net, which are one of the most fun parts of a pickleball game.

4: The smaller court makes it easier to talk, laugh (and occasionally trash-talk) the other players.

Enough said.

5: Winning isn’t about speed, power or strength.  It’s about patience, strategy and placement.

THIS is the reason “old duffers” can beat the bejesus out of the fast, young athletes.  It’s also the reason you can have an 8 year old, an 80 year old, a pregnant woman and a teenage boy all playing pickleball on the same court together, ALL having fun. It is one of the truly unique things about pickleball, and is definitely the number 1 reason a pickleball game is SO much fun!

Ready to give it a try?

Buy some paddles and balls, book a badminton court and get cracking!

Already hooked?

Check out the internet to get advice, strategies and drills to help you play better and win more games. If you need to update your paddle, check out the selection on my website.