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Franklin Ben Johns Signature Paddle: Choice of core thickness & weight


The introduction of Franklin’s all new Ben Johns Signature Pickleball Paddle has pushed paddle technology to a whole new level. The premium quality paddle, designed by the world’s best player Ben Johns, features Franklin’s brand new MaxGrit™ textured surface technology designed for maximum spin and reduced vibration. The MaxGrit™ surface material is USAPA approved and is designed to provide greater traction on the surface of the ball to increase spin rate for optimal control. Additionally, its polypropylene core (available in a choice of two thicknesses) and fiberglass surface layer ensure a strong, durable base with an oversize sweet spot for dependable, effortless contact shot after shot. 

Features and Specifications:

  • Choice of core thickness: 13mm core (standard thickness) or 16mm (thicker)

  • Longer handle: the 5.6 inch handle assists hand quickness and manoeuvrability

  • MaxGrit technology designed to dampen vibration for optimal control and precision play

  • 13 mm paddle specs and dimensions: paddle: 16.5" x 7.5", handle length: 5.6", handle circumference: 4.25 (medium), weight: 7.5 - 8 oz., core: 13mm polypropylene

  • 16 mm paddle specs and dimensions: paddle: 16.5" x 7.3", handle length: 5.6", handle circumference: 4.25" (medium), weight: 8.3 - 8.6oz, core: 16mm polypropylene

  • USAPA CERTIFIED: This paddle is approved by the USAPA for competitive and tournament play