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Graphite Club Junior Paddle: for younger players - NEW DESIGN


Introducing the all-new Club Junior Pickleball Paddle.  The Club Junior is designed especially for younger players to allow them to learn and play the wonderful sport of pickleball.

Younger or smaller players can be hampered by the weight and size of paddles designed for adults and many of the affordable "starter" paddles tend to be on the heavier side which compounds this issue. The Club Junior has been designed specifically for younger children. Weighing in at a fabulous lightweight 6.8 - 7.2 ounces and with a small (4 inch) grip circumference it solves the two main issues faced by younger players. It is slightly smaller than the standard Club paddle to allow for the smaller stature of a child which when combined with the lighter weight and smaller grip gives them more manoeuvrability, especially at the non-volley line. Made in exactly the same way as the standard Club paddle and with the same strong polymer core, responsive graphite surface and eye-catching graphics, there's no compromise on quality. The Club Junior Paddle is fabulous value for money and is the perfect way for children to start playing this wonderful sport. 


  • Core: polymer, Surface: carbon fibre

  • Weight range: 6.8-7.2 ounces. 

  • Grip size: 4 inches (small)

  • Grip Type: contoured/comfort

  • Length: 14.75 inches, Width: 7.5 inches, Handle length 4.75 inches

  • Edge guard: overlapping 5mm (low profile)

Made in China, approved for Club/recreational play