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Pickleball Club complete starter pack: Oval Picklenet, 4 Club paddles and 6 indoor balls

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The Pickleball Club Complete Starter Pack is an affordable and smart way to start a new pickleball club or for existing clubs, schools and leisure centres to provide everything needed to play this wonderful sport.

Made with a strong carbon PE core, the Club paddle solves the only two real drawbacks of the wooden paddle: weight and street credibility. The Club paddle is lighter than its wooden alternative weighing in at only 8.5 - 9.ounces, making it a middle to upper middleweight paddle. It is also extremely stylish with a pewter coloured background with blue and white vertical stripes and the word "Club" picked out in the top corner. This is an edged paddle which is equally as robust as the wooden alternatives and ideally suited to use by clubs, schools and leisure centres.  

It is possible to play a game of pickleball with a lowered badminton net but there are several drawbacks such as the difficulty in securing the net to the correct tournament height, preventing it sagging in the middle during play and the uprights hindering a players line of sight during a game. A tournament standard pickleball net will solve all of these problems. The new Picklenet with oval poles is the perfect choice, can be assembled in a flash and is USAPA approved. 

The balls are indoor by Jugs in a mixture of white and lime green, subject to stock availability. 

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Pack Features:

One (1) portable picklenet, four (4) carbon-fibre Club pickleball paddles and six (6) Jugs indoor balls.