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Core Pickleball Ball: 6 pack


The CORE Outdoor Pickleball is a dependable and long-lasting option that will endure frequent use in any weather. Designed with a wind-resistant 40 hole pattern, it plays with consistency so you'll feel certain your shots will travel where you aim them. It also has a reliable bounce height so players can determine their trajectory and trust they'll rebound as expected.  It resists cracking due to its single piece construction. It comes in a striking, high visibility neon so it's easy to see no matter what colour the court or how dull the weather is.

The CORE Outdoor Pickleball is made to withstand repeated intense play at the highest level. The perfect ball (as the folks at CORE like to say) for those who just want "one more game!"

Specifications: Weight: .86 ounces, Diameter: 2.913 inches, Rebound: 31.73 inches (from 75" drop), Holes: 40 holes, Colour: Neon Green, One-piece roto-molded construction, Meets USA Pickleball specifications