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Engage Poach Infinity SX Paddle: shorter handle


The Poach Infinity SX Composite Paddle features all of the great materials and benefits of the rest of the Poach Infinity line, but with a short 4.0" long handle to accommodate "finger up" table tennis-style players who place (at least) their index finger on the face of their paddle. This is done for maximum control, as the orientation of the paddle face becomes intuitive. The SX leverages Engage's proprietary ControlPro Black Polymer Honeycomb core in combination with their unique 6-layer approach to composite fiberglass face material and omni-directional surface texturing. All of which adds up to impact vibration dampening, a gentle controllable feel on your dinks, and spin that will frustrate opponents trying to handle your slice serves and volleys.

The Poach Infinity LX Composite Paddle measures 16.25" in total length, and that stubby 4" handle has a medium (4.25") circumference wrapped in Engage's ultra-perforated cushion grip. The weight range is  7.6 - 8.1 ounces and the edge guard  has a minimal profile shape to reduce mis-hits while protecting against bumps and scrapes.

The Poach Infinity LX Composite Paddle by Engage Pickleball facilitates quick movements, ball control, precision placement.

Average Weight: 7.6 ounces - 8.1 ounces (Standard Weight)
Grip Circumference: 4.25" (Medium) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8"
Grip Style: Ultra-Perforated Cushion
Grip Manufacturer: Engage Pickleball
Handle Length: 4"
Paddle Length: 16.25"
Paddle Width: 7.75"
Paddle Face: Omni-Directional 6-Layer Vibration-Dampening Textured Composite
Core Material: Proprietary ControlPro 'Black' Polymer
Core Thickness: 13mm (0.5")
Edge Guard: Cyclone Low-profile Vinyl 1/4" overlapping paddle face
Manufacturer: Engage Pickleball
Made in USA