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Contour Pickleball Grips by Gamma

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How good is this grip?  It is on every Gamma pickleball paddle and most produced by other manufacturers. Gamma's Pickleball PB Contour Grip features: 

  • Stitched rib and perforations: Increase gripping power and moisture absorption
  • Cushioned surface: Provides greater feedback and control
  • Grip length of 31″: Ideal for every pickleball paddle
  • Available in black. 

Gamma Pickleball grips are on 9 out of 10 paddles in the industry! If you aren’t playing a Gamma grip, get one and feel the difference in your paddle immediately; improved feel, control and comfort! 

Please note that in order to keep postage costs to a minimum, this product will be shipped outside of its packaging (i.e. flat) so it can be fitted into a standard envelope. If bought with something else such as a paddle or balls then the packaging will be intact.