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Gearbox G2 Pickleball Paddle

£85.00 £75.00

There is only 1 item left in stock.
There is only 1 item left in stock.
The Gearbox G2 is a breakthrough paddle, advancing the basic honeycomb paddle design to a new single piece, moulded construction. Using carbon and glass fibre with thermal set resins along with high heat and pressure, the G2 is a molded single piece paddle, with a carefully enclosed poly-honeycomb core. This advanced process yields a magnificent edgeless paddle with impressive durability and quality. The G2 is designed to have a more traditional feel for touch shots at the kitchen yet while providing nice pop. This is an impressive high-end paddle retailing at a reasonable price. The G2 is an excellent buy for the smart shopper looking to buy an affordable high end paddle.


  • USAPA Approved: GP-03-002A

  • Molded Poly-Honeycomb Core

  • Carbon/Glass Fibre Composition

  • Single Piece Molded Construction

  • Maximized “Sweet Spot”

  • Edgeless


  • Material: Carbon, Glass Fibre, Epoxy Thermal Set Resins

  • Core Material: Poly-Honeycomb

  • Core Construction: Molded Honeycomb Structure

  • Weight: Red  7.8 oz, Blue 8.4 oz

  • Handle Size: 3 ⅞” grip

  • Total Length: 15 15/16”

  • Head Width: 8”

  • Head Length: 10 15/16”

  • Handle Length: 5”