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Graphite Pickleball Paddle with cover


We've put together a selection of budget-friendly, mid-weight graphite paddles (some with matching paddle covers) to suit the pickleball beginner or improving player. All have a medium circumference, comfort grip (4.25 inches) and all of them fall within the "midweight" range. They all feature a strong polymer honeycomb core for power where needed, a responsive graphite face for placement of the ball and have the "traditional" shape of approximately 16 inches long by  8 inches wide that maximises the sweet spot of the paddle and gives you the best chance of connecting properly with the ball. The MV and Flybold paddles come with a matching cover included in the price, the others do not.


  • Average weights: without covers, MV 7.8 ounces, Flybold 7.5 ounces, Victoria One Pro 7.3 ounces
  • Core: Polymer honeycomb
  • Face: Graphite
  • Handle circumference: 4.25 cm (medium)

Made in China