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Hudef Shield Paddle


The Hudef Shield Pickleball Paddle has both beauty and strength. Made with an enhanced graphite fibre face and a pro-polypropylene honeycomb core, it's the perfect blend of power and control. The a perfectly balanced mid-weight of  7.7/7.8 ounces will give you power to put away shots when required but will also allow for maximum touch and placement. As its name suggests, the Shield will give you the strong defense you need when faced with hard hits against you and furthermore will help you to gain control the rally by enabling you to return hards shots with control and precision. The smaller-circumference grip (4.15 inches) of the Shield is colour-coordinated with the paddle for a fantastic look and allows for "quick hand" action at the non-volley line that is fast becoming a must have in today's modern game.The Shield is  USAPA approved for tournament and recreational play. Colours available: Black, Blue or White.

Specifications: Weight: 7.7/7.8 ounces, Face: Enhanced Graphite, Core: Pro-Polypropylene, Paddle length 16 inches: Paddle width 7.8 inches, Handle length: 4.7 inches, Grip:4.15 inches (small). USAPA approved

Made in China