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Non Volley Zone Line Tape: perfect for temporarily marking in the kitchen line


If you're looking for an affordable way to temporarily mark the correct non volley zone line on a badminton court then this is the tape for you. As most Leisure Centres won't allow pickleballers to mark in the line on a permanent basis the only solution is to tape it in, but this can become very costly if the tape has to be taken up at the end of each session. This tape, priced at only £5 for 50 metres, is much more affordable than other court tapes on the market which are usually designed to stay put for longer. It performs really well and sticks nicely to a wooden badminton court floor but it doesn't leave a sticky residue or mark the floor when it is peeled away a couple of hours later. Other than the cost an additional advantage of this tape over other "low residue" tapes on the market is that it is two inches wide rather than one or one and a half inches. That extra inch makes a massive difference to the line's visibility and makes it far easier for the players to see and consequently to avoid foot faults at the kitchen.

Features (each roll) : Length: 50 metres, Width: 48 mm (2 inches), Colour: Orange/Yellow, Low residue, solvent resistant ricepaper based tape.