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Pickleball Paddle Clocks


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The Pickleball Paddle Clock would make a fun and quirky Christmas present or stocking filler for you or your pickleball-mad loved one.

The clocks are made from genuine pickleball paddles. Some of the paddles are brand new but had slight defects (such as the Rally Graphites which had broken handles) and others have been lightly used, but they all look great. The clocks feature a pickleball ball on the second hand, keep great time and can be hung on the wall or simply propped up to provide a lovely piece of art and a talking point.  Battery included.  

If you prefer, I can turn your own paddle in to a clock for you if it's broken or just needs to be retired.  Rather than throw it away re-purpose/re-cycle it in to a personalised clock for yourself.  The Tempest Wave blue and white paddle (TEMPEST FUGIT), pictured is made from professional player Chris Miller's paddle that snapped (or was snapped?) during the Madrid tournament this year.  To get your own clock choose the "own paddle" option, pay the £15 cost (the system will add return postage) and send me your paddle.