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Pickleball Court Tape: Indoor


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The Pickleball Court Line Tape is a fantastic product for those seeking a way to create semi-permanent court lines for pickleball. One roll of this tape measures two hundred feet. This is the perfect length to tape out all the lines for one entire pickleball court, including the kitchen. The vibrant orange colour makes the lines stand out.  

This Court Line Tape has shown the best results on indoor courts where moisture is not an issue. It is a low residue tape, meaning it is less likely to leave adhesive on the surface after removal. This tape works best on wooden gym floors. It can be used for outdoor courts but longevity of the application is not guaranteed due to moisture, dirt, or windy conditions. The key to how long the taped court lines will last is how well the surface is prepared prior to applying the tape. The court surface should be clean and dry for the best results.  

This tape is similar to painter’s tape, so it will not stand up against mopping, pressure washing, or other intense cleaning methods. It’s recommended to test the tape on your exact court surface to ensure that it will work correctly for your needs. This tape will be affected by rain and moisture and we cannot guarantee longevity of application in rainy/wet conditions.


2 inches wide and 200 feet long enough to tape one full court: 2x44' sidelines, 2x20' baselines, 2x20' non-voley zone lines, 2x15' service box lines.

Please note: Tape will be affected by rain and moisture and we cannot guarantee longevity of application in rainy/wet conditions. If the tape has been down for a long period (2+ months), prior to removal heat can be applied with a hair dryer as tape is peeled back. The heat softens the adhesive and little residue should remain. A more labor intensive solution, but a simple hair dryer will do the trick. Here are a few helpful suggestions for removing any residue that may remain after removing tape.

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Citrus-based cleaners

  • Glass cleaner

  • Heat

Here is a link to a useful video explaining how to mark a temporary court. How to mark a temporary court