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Pickleball Court Tape


Pickleball Court Tape: one roll should tape out one pickleball court (200 feet), indoor use only, low residue. 

Playing on a badminton court is perfect for beginners but as players become more skilled in the art of pickleball it soon becomes neccesary to mark in the exact dimensions of the non-volley zone (kitchen). The problem is that most Leisure Centres will not allow the permanent marking of their badminton courts. This is where this tape is particularly helpful as you can tape in the 7-foot non-volley (kitchen) line on the badminton courts as it leaves virtually no residue when removed. The additional benefit is that the bright orange colour is really easy to see.

This pickleball court line tape is a wonderful product for those wanting semi-permanent court lines for pickleball. One roll of tape measures two hundred feet which should tape out all the lines for one complete pickleball court, including the kitchen, with two feet to spare. The bright orange colour really makes the lines stand out. It should not leave an adhesive residue or, if it does, it will be minor.  It is possible to use the tape outdoors however it is not really suitable for the British weather and may cause the adhesive to fail.  

Here is a link to a useful video explaining how to mark a temporary court. How to mark a temporary court