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Pickleball equipment to Sweden including shipping

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Calling all Swedish Pickleballers! If you need any pickleball equipment I can ship to you easily. The prices on my site include UK VAT @ 20% so that will be deducted : to know the price you will pay divide the advertised price by 120 and multiply that number by 100.  However, you are likely to have to pay Swedish VAT when the equipment arrives. Unfortunately my website isn't able automatically to calculate shipping outside of the UK as rates can vary so much but, for example: a small box 44x26x14cms weighing up to 2KGs usually costs around £15 and can fit 4-5 paddles or up to 36 balls or a mix of the two and a Club net will cost around £16 to ship in its own big box. If you would like to order please email me ( or call (+44 7848 842 998), and let me know what you would like and I will set up up a special pack on my site for you including shipping so you can simply click and pay securely by credit/debit card.  

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