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Pickleball Tutor: Pickleball training machine, non-oscillating model


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The Pickleball Tutor is  the most popular ball machine on the market today. Utilising both indoor and outdoor pickleballs balls, this machine has few limitations.

POWER: Adjustable speeds up to 60 MPH
BALL CAPACITY: Holds up to 125 pickleball balls
VERSATILITY: Adjustable arc from dink to lob
OSCILLATION: No Oscillation
DIMENSIONS: The machine is 12”x19.5”x18” when closed
SMART CHARGER: Included with the purchase of battery-powered machines
The non-oscillating (basic) machine feeds to one court location until you angle the machine to another court location. This is absolutely perfect for drilling and practicing one particular shot over and over again, which is considered as the best way to improve. It is also perfect for when space is limited as you won't need to use a whole pickleball court sized space for your drilling. 
Sports Tutor manufactures ball machines for many sports and their ball machines have been among the most popular in the world for decades. 
Pickleball balls are available for sale under the "ball" section on this website.