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Pickleball Club Paddle Pack: Pack of Four Club Paddles

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The Pickleball Club paddle pack features four (4) full-sized polymer paddles made by the respected manufacturer Engage. They have the same high-end trim and grip found on premium-level paddles. The paddles have a soft skin and provide plenty of power, feel and control. 

The paddles have a large surface area and sweet spot, making it easier for players to hit a "true" shot. The main advantage of these paddles over other Club or Starter paddles is their lighter weight: they weigh only 7.1 - 7.6 ounces. The grip is a standard 4 1/4 inch grip circumference which will suit the large majority of players.

The Pickleball Club paddle is designed to be an affordable but quality option for new Clubs and groups of players to help grow this fantastic sport. The paddles are made in the USA in the same factory as all Engage paddles.

Paddle Specifications:

  • Polymer Core and Composite Skin.
  • Large surface area measuring 15 1/2" long x 8 1/8" wide.
  • Weighs between 7.1 - 7.6 oz.
  • Comes in one colour option, a white background with a blue label.
  • Industry standard 5" grip length