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Picklenet Replacement Bag


The PickleNet Replacement Bag is the solid choice for those who may need a new carrying bag for their portable net system. Although it was designed for the Picklenet system, it will fit most other portable net systems. The bag can fit one entire net system inside with ease. This replacement bag is the same as the other portable net system replacement bags, 40" x "7" x 5". This is the same high-quality carrying bag that came with your original net system and is sure to provide you with the same amount of satisfaction. 

The PickleNet Replacement Bag is crafted from top-notch, midnight black nylon. The seams of the bag are reinforced with plastic seam lining which promises to keep the bag in one piece. Handles are attached for easy transportation. Inside, several compartments help keep everything in place for convenient storage. Across the front of the bag, bright white text reads “PickleNet” and announces just which portable net system is inside.