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Pickleball Replacement Grip: Dinkshot


The DINKSHOT replacement pickleball grip is the perfect choice when you need to re-grip your paddle.  The extra-long 46-inch length (almost half as long again as most other replacement grips) means that it is possible to re-grip two paddles rather than just one, making it excellent value for money. This grip is slightly padded for a comfortable feel in the hand, is perforated to cope with sweat build up and gives you a soft, slightly tacky feel for extra grip security. The extra length of this grip means that it can be overlapped more on your paddle handle to give a fatter grip circumference if you prefer - up to 5 inches. However, if you like a medium/small grip circumference you can overlap it less (see photo). If you overlap less you'll have enough grip left to re-grip it again. It's a no-brainer!