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Whippersnapper The Young Pickleball Paddle - Striped

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Now with 20% off, The Young by Whippersnapper retails at $119 in the States so is a true bargain at this amazing sale price! It is a light/medium weight paddle (7.2 - 7.4 ounces)  but is designed so that it gives you all the power you'll need without adding weight. It is especially suited to ex-tennis players as it has a tennis racquet feel when playing. This paddle has a thick 9/16 inch core, a fibreglass face for touch and feel and an elongated handle for a nice snap on your shots.  Made in The USA.

Specifications: Weight 7.2 - 7.4 ounces, Core Polymer, Face Fibreglass, Paddle length 16.5 inches (longer than average), paddle face width 7 4 inches, Handle length 5.5 inches (long), grip size 4.25 inches (medium)