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Vulcan V510 "Light Geo" Pickleball Paddle


The Vulcan V510 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle or “Light Geo” as it is known has a traditional shape that's perfect for mixing things up on court and adapting to any scenario. It has a fairly broad face that allows players to make use of different areas of the paddle thanks to a generous sweet spot. It has a medium sized grip for easy handling and comes in a balanced weight that provides both pop and control.

It has a 4-3/4" long handle and weighs an average of 7.9 oz. The carbon fibre surface is 7-3/4" wide and helps give you the great ball feel that graphite and carbon fibre paddles are known for. Grey geometric shapes overlay a white background for a clean and minimal design. Vulcan's name is printed vertically along the left side of the face with the paddle name in the lower right.

This paddle comes in the traditional white geometric design and now in a fantastic Day of the Dead-inspired graphic. The white colour is on super-special offer with a 20% discount on the usual price. 


  • Average weight 7.9 ozs 
  • Paddle length 15 1/2
  • Width 7 3/4 
  • Grip size 4 3/8 (medium)
  • Handle length 4 3/4