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Vulcan V730L Power lightweight: the "bulletproof" paddle!


The Vulcan V700 series of paddles is known as the “bulletproof” series because they are the first-and-only pickleball paddles with polycarbonate (as opposed to polypropylene) honeycomb cores. Polycarbonate is the same material used in bulletproof glass and the nose cones of modern fighter jets! The result is a much higher energy return than traditional polypropylene which means more of the kinetic energy produced in your body transfers through the paddle and into the ball.

The Vulcan V730L Power Pickleball Paddle is designed for players who want a paddle with maximum power but without the excess weight that usually comes with it. It is engineered to concentrate and transfer all of the energy from the paddle into the ball. And while other paddles sacrifice sweet spot size for power, or they are made head-heavy, the V730L features a generous sweet spot plus responsive touch/feel and a balanced weight for quick volleys.

Vulcan’s patent-pending StateraCore lattice core allows natural flex that generates power instead of extra weight. The core is covered with Vulcan’s patent-pending V-Skin fibre reinforced polyepoxide which are layered and oriented to produce controllable performance variables. Vulcan is the first to utilise Thermal Diffusion Welding adhesion technology to eliminate unnecessary weight, fragile glue lines and heterogeneous materials so that no energy is wasted in heat and vibration. It also features a streamlined modern shape and deluxe high-performance 4-1/4” Vulcan Max Control Grip. 

Colours: Electric (blue) Lazer colour in the lightweight (7.4 - 7.7 ounces) or in Platinum (silver) Lazer in the standard weight (7.7 - 8.1 ounces).