STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Call me on 07848 842998 or email at with any queries

Welcome to the UK Pickleball Shop - still open for business (almost) as usual!

Thanks for visiting my online shop. 

In these extraordinary, unprecedented times I have debated long and hard whether to keep my shop open for business or to close it as being "non essential". Given that so many people are at home and pickleball sessions are suspended some would argue that there's no need for anyone to buy pickleball equipment.  I agree that is a valid point of view, however, it's also true that: this is likely to be a long haul and in order to stay well, both mentally and physically, people need to exercise and it's possible to practice fun pickleball drills indoors or outdoors if you have a paddle and a ball; it is also essential for the economy that businesses that can (safely) keep going do so. 

I've arranged a contactless collection service to minimise any risk in posting equipment. It's possible in the circumstances that the service may be sporadic so there may be slight delays in receiving orders. 

Please call or email me if you have any questions or anything you'd like to talk about. Please keep safe, keep as fit and well as you can and, most importantly, keep your spirits up. We're all in this together and we will get through it and things will get back to normal at some point when we can all get back to enjoying the wonderful sport of pickleball.